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Birthdate:Jul 29
Location:Delaware, United States of America

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aliens, almost human, alternate universes, american horror story, angels, animal rights, anime, ao3, assassin's creed, bats, benedict cumberbatch, bioshock, bitten, blackice, blood, bob's burgers, bones, bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, centaurs, chicago, chris pine, cinnamontoastken, coloring, cute shoes, delena, demons, destiel, devil may cry, doctor who, dogs, dominion, dracula, dragon ball z, dragons, drarry, dressing up, driving, entoanthepack, equal rights, fake, family guy, feathers, foxes, full metal panic!, fullmetal alchemist, gay marriage, ghosts, gravitation, hair dye, hannibal, harry potter, haven, hellraiser, hellsing, heroes, horror movies, hotel transylvania, how to train your dragon, humans, inuyasha, jacksepticeye, john wolfe, johnny depp, k, katamari damacy, klaroline, lioden, lordminion777, lycanthropes, makeup, making graphics, making icons, malex/michalex, maned wolves, manga, markiplier, martin freeman, marvel cinematic universe, merlin, misha collins, mlp:fim, mrkravin, music, mythology, nighttime, okami, patrckstatic, pet shop of horrors, petlar, photography, pirates of the caribbean, plushies, pretty hair, pretty nails, primal, psychology, raedwulfgamer, repo! the genetic opera, rick and morty, riddick, rise of the guardians, rocky horror picture show, role playing, saiyuki, sci-fi movies, shadow hearts, sherlock, sleeping, south park, space husbands, star gazing, star trek (aos), star trek: tos, star-crossed, starbucks, stickers, subeta, supernatural, tails, tangled, teen wolf, the darkness, the host, the lion king, the originals, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, transformice, trashy romance novels, twilight, vampires, vassalord, video games, vin diesel, vulcans, wall·e, weiss kreuz, wincest, wings, wolf's rain, wolves, writing, yami no matsuei, yaoi, youtube, zachary quinto, zebras, zombies
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